Professional Profile

I believe that empathy and open mindedness are crucial for the success of any company or product. Based on these values and my unique expertise, I provide support and fresh perspectives to companies in various ways.

  • As a consultant, I offer my insights at the intersection of software development, community engagement, customer support, product management and content marketing.

  • As a developer, I build applications with a focus on UX, testing & QA.

  • As a teacher, I create and edit blog posts, tutorials & technical documentation and give workshops to software developers.

If you are interested in a collaboration, reach out to me via email or Twitter for a chat.

Previous Experience

Most recently, I was the first employee at Prisma (formerly Graphcool), where I worked for almost 3 years.

As the Developer Success Lead I was fully responsible for leading the developer success team. This included ensuring the happiness of 100k+ developers that were using Prisma and surrounding tools, feeding customer insights to the product, engineering and marketing teams and discussing company-wide strategy and decision making with the CEO and CTO.

During my time at Prisma I grew and maintained an active and supportive community in various channels (12k+ stars on Github, 10k+ users in Slack, 2k+ users in the Forum). Besides community management, I was also fully responsible for all customer and community related services, which included reactive customer support and proactive customer success.

With my significant involvement in product management, I was assuring the quality of Prisma, as well as all surrounding products. This included project management, providing feedback on functionality and usability, and bug triaging.

You can also have a look at my current and previous projects.